CNB Comunicazione, the tailoring of web marketing

13:50, 18/05/2021


We will still see road signs, advertising photos on glossy pages of magazines and commercials on TV and in the cinema, but a massive migration to the web is already underway and the success of companies will increasingly depend on their positioning in the virtual world, on recognition of their brand and the uniqueness of their way of communicating and interacting.

The pandemic crisis has forced society to reshape many of its habits. Online sales have made a real explosion, students, in particular high school and university students, have had to resign themselves to follow the lessons at a distance, often contacts with our loved ones have been limited to video calls, the cinema in the hall is a distant memory and breakfast at the bar seems to be a custom of other times.

The reports speak for themselves, the number of internet users increases exponentially, decreasing the generation gap of active users day by day. An impossible fact to overlook if you want to stay on the market. Challenge this, welcomed and supported by CNB Comunicazione, an agency for more than 10 years active in advertising that has readily grasped the changes underway and immediately focused on digital marketing in the belief that we were not in the presence of a transitory reality, but of a structural and epochal transformation.

Many of us are now able to wriggle out of reality beyond the smartphone and computer screen, between social media, video streaming and online shopping. However, this does not apply to the management of a brand on the web, which in fact requires a series of specific precautions not to be improvised.

Each brand, company or activity has its own identity, its own target, values ​​and objectives that cannot be traced back to a customized strategy, to borrow a now widespread English word. The daily effort of the creative team of CNB Comunicazione, specialized in digital marketing, is precisely to avoid standard solutions, the same for everyone.

Thus, as in a tailor’s shop, a customer who wants to establish himself in web marketing finds in CNB Comunicazione a team capable of tailoring a tailor-made suit.

A strong and recognizable brand identity, an engaging and targeted content marketing strategy, ADV campaigns optimized based on the target and its research. Thus, the measures begin to be taken from these assumptions, listening to and directing each customer towards the ideal solution, tailor-made.

Having a solid online presence means working constantly to maintain it, defining on a daily basis how much you are willing to invest in the auction of Google ADS (formerly Adwords) campaigns, with which products to update your e-commerce or which articles to post on your blog to inform, entertain or educate your target.

Each project therefore needs a targeted and studied strategy, shared from the first briefing with the client, carried out step by step, and reorganized when necessary. Websites, for example, are a cornerstone of online brand identity, simple or complex that require constant changes, updates and optimizations to be usable from any device, fast loading and remain positioned among the top search results.

The time spent scrubbing bulletin boards – the typical action of scrolling through the contents of social media with the thumb – is now conquering most of our days, an inevitable phenomenon of which, as we have already seen, is undoubtedly an accomplice. lockdown. If we are more and more online, it becomes increasingly difficult to make space in the newsfeed (bulletin board) of social media and a brand knows this: without engaging content and a good base of paid campaigns it is impossible to get noticed by your target, in short, to reach the your ideal customer.

Having thus to embrace the daily challenge of online marketing, it is good not to improvise and prefer the support of a team that knows how to follow the customer in a personalized way, accompanying his company in every phase of development and studying the most suitable initiatives able to adapt to every new need and market trend. Not a dress from large retailers, bought on sale without being tried on, but an ad hoc dress, made for the occasion. In this CNB Comunicazione seems to be a tailor’s shop.