Communication and technology at the service of entrepreneurship with CNB Comunicazione

05:40, 17/05/2021


If being part of the world of communication means constantly evolving and transforming in favor of new logics and trends, which in turn are constantly changing, we can affirm that even the macrocosm of entrepreneurship is inevitably involved in this motion of perpetual change. Or rather, it must be. What would happen if companies didn’t open up to new ideas and tools? What would happen if instead of letting themselves be carried away by this movement of change they somehow resisted?

At a time like this when everything has taken on a new form, in which the way of communicating, advertising and relating to the public has profoundly changed, companies must necessarily be in step with the times and be ready for sudden changes. changes of direction and new ways of conveying their messages. The change is not solely due to the particular historical period we are experiencing, it would have come anyway. Just think of how many steps forward have been made in the field of communication and technology in the last few years alone. Those who work in communication are well aware of this.

The questions to ask are the same, but the answers are always new and different. From what need does the customer’s request arise? What needs must it satisfy? What is the right way to involve it and create in it the urgency to use the services that a particular company offers? There is no industry that is not affected by changes in society. It is therefore up to each of them to transform themselves to meet the new needs and requirements of their target.

CNB Comunicazione, which has been working for years in the world of online and offline communication, aware of the need to ride the wave of change, has made technology and future-oriented services available to companies in which, in interacting with the brand, the experience of the customer can become unique, personalized and innovative.

For example, we are talking about the new high resolution LED screens, which can be installed practically anywhere and perfect for distributing multimedia content with a high visual impact.

Or Switch Film, which fully adheres to the new habits of use of content – it is in fact a video technology – completely reinterpreting the concept of advertising sign. We are talking about a 0.28mm thick film, applicable to any glass surface, able to show any multimedia content to the public. At the base of its operation there are electrical impulses that, when activated, change the appearance and function of the windows of a commercial activity, guaranteeing privacy (with the opaque mode) and impact visibility, being able to manage the projection of any promotional video or campaign advertising. Switch Film can broadcast 24h / 24 and can be used in any place where there is a need to inform customers, attract their attention or simply spread a content.

If CNB Comunicazione with Switch Film says goodbye to traditional signs, with Kiosk Mode it instead gives a boost to the concepts of customer service and customer experience. We are talking about a multimedia totem that, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, has the ability to engage in a conversation with approaching customers, providing them with detailed information on services and products, giving directions, advice and performing more specific actions depending on of the sector in which it is used. This technology is suitable for large entrepreneurs as well as small traders operating in the most diverse sectors: home banking, healthcare, transport, catering, tourism, etc.

Kiosk Mode is also confirmed as a valid ally of all those who manage a business, as it is able to provide data on sales and information on customers and on the purchases made by them. It therefore allows you to plan effective strategies by providing valuable data acquired through the machine learning system it is equipped with. The trend of Digital Signage, of which Kiosk Mode is part, has proved successful in various fields and sectors already in 2020 and is expected to be successful further from 2021 onwards.

Technological progress provides entrepreneurs with countless tools to counter the communication of the future, all oriented towards customer experience and experiential communication.

Between undergoing passively and proactively accepting changes, with Switch Film and Kiosk Mode technology, CNB Comunicazione has fully interpreted the new needs, providing the B2B market with two valid tools that will allow companies and businesses not only to stay afloat, but to ride the wave.

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