Credit Agricole Italia is the first banking app to receive the Privacy Ok label

02:45, 16/05/2021


L’Crédit Agricole Italia app is the first application in the Italian banking world to obtain the certification mark “Privacy Ok“. Federprivacy has in fact approved the Group’s home banking App, confirming its compliance with the Code of Conduct “Privacy and protection of personal data in the context of the Internet and electronic commerce”.

The association has entrusted the evaluation process to TÜV Italia, which as an independent certification body ensures the impartiality of the process to determine if the App meets the requirements for granting the mark. In a historical moment in which the use of applications is increasingly widespread in every context and for every service, the brand demonstrates the commitment of Crédit Agricole Italia in processing personal data in full compliance with the principles of the law.

“Our Group stands out for a 100% human, 100% digital approach – declares Daniele Compiani, Head of the Compliance Department of Crédit Agricole Italia -. This is why we work daily to guarantee our customers the total safety of procedures, systems and tools. In addition to the sites, the App has now also obtained a recognition that testifies to our commitment to safeguarding their personal data. “

“The requirements for the release of the Privacy Ok certification mark are objective and stringent – remarked Nicola Bernardi, President of Federprivacy -, therefore it is issued only on condition that the app fully satisfies the parameters required by our code of conduct. Therefore, being able to boast of it does not merely consist in displaying a simple sticker, but makes Crédit Agricole Italia deserving of the trust of its customers, who can count on an important element of guarantee on the protection of their personal data “.

Crédit Agricole Italia therefore continues its path of attention to customer safety. Precisely to meet their needs and to raise their awareness on the subject, the “Your Privacy” section has been created within the App, where interested parties can find information or send requests for clarification via a dedicated email.

The Group, which has set up a data protection function dedicated exclusively to privacy, continues its commitment to security, also involving employees and local areas, with internal courses and training days in schools and universities.