Doka launches VOLTO, the tunnel system born from an all-Italian idea

07:40, 15/05/2021


Doka, a company specializing in formwork for construction, presented the VOLTO tunnel system, born from an all-Italian idea, which represents the future in the field of tunnel construction with the use of a steel formwork for construction ( or the renovation) of road and railway tunnels.

Developed, engineered and patented by the Italian Sointek, the system aroused the interest of the multinational Doka, specialized in the industrial formwork sector, which decided to invest in its potential, acquiring the rights of use for the whole world. In fact, Doka is present in over 70 countries with 160 commercial and logistic offices.

But how does FACE work? It is a steel formwork, with variable curvature, which allows casting in polycentric or constant curvature tunnels. On the single element of the VOLTO system it is possible to easily and quickly vary the radius of curvature and adapt the equipment to any geometry.

“The main advantage is evident – underlines Eng. Marco Falcone, CEO of Doka Italia who strongly wanted the Italian-Austrian union, and is called versatility: compared to any other solution adopted to date, the VOLTO system is immediately applicable to the characteristics of each project; we can supply a single set of equipment with which the manufacturer will create several tunnels of different sections and geometry variations, all with tooling times never achieved before “.

“The system – continues Falcone – has decidedly lower operating costs than a normal line formwork and at the same time a much higher productivity, especially in projects where the tunnel section has non-constant bending radii. If we add to this that practically the entire plant can be rented and, therefore, does not block liquidity for companies, the picture is truly complete ”.

Italy will also be at the center of the project in the future with important benefits for employment and capital investments in our country, given that the research and development of the new system will continue to see Sointek’s participation in synergy with the Doka Group. Meanwhile, there are numerous applications in the railway and road sector carried out with the VOLTO system throughout the national territory: some already completed, others currently underway or close to the opening of construction sites.

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