European privacy day, digital businesses need to regain user trust

09:54, 13/05/2021


Today marks the European Day for the protection of personal data established by the Council of Europe to raise awareness and promote the importance of privacy and data protection, and on the occasion, the president of Federprivacy, Nicola Bernardi, published his video message on the website of the main professional association of professionals in the sector registered with the Ministry of Economic Development pursuant to Law 4/2013.

In his considerations, Bernardi underlines that “protecting people’s privacy means protecting them“, And this is especially true for the most vulnerable subjects such as online minors, applauding the work of the Guarantor Authority, which following the recent news stories regarding the case of the girl from Palermo”is courageously conducting investigations against well-known social networks such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook”.

The president of Federprivacy also notes that in recent years the scenarios have changed rapidly, and “the indiscriminate exploitation of personal data has generated users’ distrust of the internet”, And therefore companies that want to seize the opportunities of the digital market must review their business strategies hitherto focused on monetizing the value of personal data, and instead focus on ethics and transparency to regain user trust.

If until recently it was stated that “personal data is the new oil – says Bernardi – we need to adjust the game, because now privacy as a value is the new source of wealth for companies that respect it ”. Therefore, it is not enough to respect the rules of the GDPR to avoid sanctions, but digital companies must therefore put the user first.