Innovasoft grows and opens up to new pharmacist members throughout the national territory

20:24, 07/05/2021


Innovasoft, a company that offers innovative services to pharmacies, has ambitious growth objectives for the coming years. Born in 2011, thanks to the offer of an increasingly complete package, today it is the reference point in the sector. “Innova operates as a partner and consultant for pharmacies by providing an integrated system of goods and services and offering 360-degree solutions, supported and enhanced by 24-hour assistance with specialized technicians – explains the president of the company, Roberto Zavadlal – The challenge is to bring pharmacies in the future, with the tools made available by technology, and seek solutions compatible with the lifestyles and new needs of citizens ”.
It is precisely the offer of a complete service package that is Innova’s strength. President Zavadlal is deeply convinced of this, explaining that in order to improve productivity and increase turnover, there is a need for an integrated system, in which the various environments inside the pharmacy “dialogue” with each other. “Innova’s activity focuses on seven areas in which in principle it is necessary to study performance and then identify where it is necessary to invest and improve: software, telemedicine, communication in pharmacies and on the web, furniture, automation and the various utilities ”, comments Zavadlal.
Very often pharmacy owners also invest heavily in just one of these areas, for example by changing the furniture to make the environment more attractive and functional, but this is not the solution. In fact, as President Zavadlal underlined, “The seven areas on which Innovasoft focuses depend on each other and for this reason they must be studied and improved as a whole – continues Zavadlal – With this overall approach we want to favor the transition into the so-called era of the ‘service pharmacy’, in which pharmacies are not only places to buy medicines but play a wider role in the national health system, offering a whole series of services related to health and prevention ”.
The Italian company is also starting a process aimed at managing the entire supply chain of products and services offered, from their development to assistance. In this way it will further raise quality and consolidate its exclusive role as a 360 ° partner for the pharmacy ecosystem. The capital increase campaign goes precisely in this direction. “With this initiative, we set ourselves the goal of consolidating the company’s business on the national territory, becoming a point of reference throughout the country over the next three years,” concluded Zavadlal.