New Telegram channel to keep yourself informed about privacy

22:25, 04/05/2021


New tool for professionals who must stay up to date every day to correctly apply the GDPR and the legislation on the protection of personal data and also for citizens who want to be informed to know and exercise their rights to better protect their privacy.

In fact, the new Federprivacy Telegram channel was born, through which the main Italian professional association in the sector registered with the Ministry of Economic Development communicates effectively and quickly with all users interested in privacy issues.

Telegram is a smartphone application dedicated to instant messaging, very similar to WhatsApp, which millions of users are choosing instead of the latter precisely because of the doubts and perplexities that the Facebook app has recently raised about respecting their privacy.

To receive information, simply download the Telegram app, search for “Federprivacy” in the search field and click on the “join” button once the channel has been selected. The application is downloadable for both Android and iOS. You can also find the channel at the direct link: