Privacy Officer certification, still possible to obtain it online with Tüv Italia

13:20, 25/04/2021


Even if no formal qualifications or certifications are required to perform the role of Data Protection Officer, in recent years the voluntary system of professional certifications has proved to be one of the most effective tools to demonstrate the effective possession of the general knowledge of the subject and the required skills. . One of the first in Italy was since 2011 the certification of Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant, based on the proprietary Federprivacy scheme and issued by Tüv Italia to over 500 professionals. However, the path to obtain the certification of Privacy Officer is not generally simple, even if a considerable facilitation came during the pandemic with the possibility of remotely carrying out both the training and the same exams with the Bavarian institution.

In fact, it was precisely in the period of health emergency in which government provisions prohibited the organization of sessions in physical classrooms, that it became possible to take the certification exam of Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant. with TÜV Italia doing it entirely remotely. In this mode, the details of which are described in point 6.4 of the CDP / TÜV Scheme, the certification body allows you to take the exam remotely, requiring the candidate to have a PC or other electronic device with internet connection and video camera .

Also with regard to the preparatory training for taking the exam, in the emergency period the opportunity was granted to participate in remote specialist courses, with the possibility of choosing between two main solutions, both valid for certification purposes: o intensive course of 50 hours concentrated in a single week with the Master Privacy Officer organized by Federprivacy (seeagenda online of the Association), or the “Advanced training course for Privacy Expert” organized by Wolters Kluwers with the patronage of Federprivacy proposed in a blended formula with a program of 36 hours diluted over a few weeks with 4 classroom lessons of 8 hours each, and 4 online courses of 1 hour each. The next edition of the latter course is scheduled from 29 March 2021 to 24 April 2021.

At least for the moment, taking advantage of the openings resulting from the health emergency period from Covid-19, it is therefore still possible to carry out the process to obtain the certification of Privacy Officer with TÜV Italia completely online, relying on both remote training and training sessions. remote examination with the Bavarian agency.