Professor Giovanni Cancellieri: 5G, between fake news, myths and reality

12:26, 22/04/2021


On the subject of 5G, fifth generation mobile radio technology, numerous alarming information and fake news circulate: the latest in chronological order correlates the anti Covid 19 vaccine to a 5G microchip implanted under the skin to control the population. “These false news arise from health fears – observes Professor Giovanni Cancellieri, professor of Telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Marche, based in Ancona – and are amplified by communication on social media. As certified by various studies, however, these are statements without scientific basis and coming from non-accredited institutions ”.

Giovanni Cancellieri is president of the Marconi Experimental Radioelectric Center and of the AICT association, society of the AEIT (Italian Association of Automation, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications); AICT aims to study and disseminate topics in sectors such as digitization, IT security, mobile radio services, broadband access, the Internet of Things. The promotion and organization of the activities takes place through the collaboration of Around Italy Consulting of Rita Farnitano, an important consulting, public relations and communication agency in Rome. AICT organizes webinars on 5G, together with the Orders of Engineers of the Italian provinces.

“5 G – explains Giovanni Cancellieri – is the new generation standard for mobile telephony that allows for much higher performance and speed than previous technologies. Many believe that the electromagnetic fields generated by 5G are dangerous but the studies conducted so far show that there is no correlation between 5G and the onset of diseases “.

To create greater fears are the antennas that are slowly beginning to spread in Italy. “The Italian legislation in the field of radiation protection – Cancellieri specifies – is very precautionary by setting attention values ​​of 6V / m; in most European countries the value is 20V / m, in some even 60V / m. This element should already reassure people. Consider then that the power emitted by a base radio station is tens of watts against thousands of watts released by broadcasting systems. In proportion, your cell phone, which we keep close to the body, is more risky to health than a 5G station “.

Another issue concerns the visual and aesthetic impact of the systems. “5G technology – the professor points out – uses higher frequencies and requires smaller antennas that have a lower visual impact and that over the years would replace antennas for 3G and 4G. Furthermore, with 5G the emission can be dynamically oriented. To have a more efficient service, one would need a base station every 300 – 400 meters, more or less one in each district of a large city. But many municipalities, which have the task of deciding the installation plan, deny the authorizations more for political reasons than for anything else. And so Italy risks falling behind other countries ”.

However, there is a real risk that concerns the privacy and the use of sensitive data by the operators. “This is a serious problem – concludes Professor Cancellieri – which can be solved by imposing encryption systems and resistant protocols that must not be violated, under penalty of sanctions”.