Rait88 and IZSAM sign a strategic cooperation agreement on biosecurity for the country system

08:40, 20/04/2021


RAIT88 and the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise (IZSAM) of Teramo recently concluded a collaboration agreement in the field of biosecurity.

The General Director of IZSAM, Nicola D’Alterio expresses “satisfaction for the collaboration agreement signed with RAIT88 and for being able to make available the Institute’s experience in the field of biological risk analysis and in the development of risk predictive models and management of molecular biology data. The collaboration between RAIT88 and IZSAM marks the beginning of a path where the sharing of multidisciplinary knowledge and the use of technologically advanced devices and materials how sensors, artificial intelligence and virtual reality can lead to the creation of tools and innovative solutions for the country system in the field of “One Health” surveillance as well as advanced methods of detection and protection from emerging biological threats”.

According to Dr. Alessandro Fidenzi, Chief Global Strategist of RAIT88, “we must adopt special biosecurity measures aimed at protecting the country system, therefore, the ability to plan and strengthen monitoring systems becomes of primary importance, as well as early warning and reporting of the origin of risks. The pandemic has inexorably exposed our lack of preparation on biosecurity, it would be appropriate to act as soon as possible to understand that biohazards have become a central element in recognizing the solidity and capacity of state resilience. A terrain on which a country measures its readiness and therefore its international strength. It is urgent to take action to structure a Strategic Planning and a Control Room on these issues. We are proud that IZSAM has chosen our company as a synonym for excellence in Research and Development”.

Source WHO website

The Prof. Massimo Amorosi, expert on CBRN and biological threats of RAIT88, for its part, points out that the pandemic makes it impossible to postpone the creation of a national architecture of bio-defense against emerging biological threats, mostly zoonotic, of which a fundamental component will be that of an integrated surveillance of new or emerging pathogens that can have an impact on public health, safety and the stability of the country’s economic and productive assets. To pool the resources and know-how of the “G. Caporale “of Teramo and RAIT88 goes in the direction of the search for innovative technological solutions, that also leverage machine learning and deep learning in the identification of vector-borne pathogens, strengthening existing biosecurity tools both against biological threats of natural origin and against anthropogenic sources of risk”.

The IZSAM of Teramo is a health institution governed by public law and a technical and scientific instrument of the State and the regions of Abruzzo and Molise. The Ministry of Health and International Organizations such as WHO, FAO and OIE and the European Commission have recognized the entity’s ability to provide high added value in certain disciplines through the assignment of national and international reference centers. One of the latest awards is related to the designation of the IZSAM of Teramo as the National Reference Center for the Genomic Sequences of pathogenic microorganisms: database and bioinformatics analysis. A strategic center therefore available to the country system for monitoring SARS-CoV-2 and its variants. Therefore, the activity of the IZSAM of Teramo contributes to guaranteeing and protecting veterinary public health and therefore human health, through the daily provision of services and a continuous and incessant research and experimentation activity aimed at the integrated system «One Health – Una only health ”by combining animal health and welfare, food safety, environmental protection and human health.

RAIT88 is Strategic and Systemic Hub for Defense and NATO on: Design, Research, Development, Integration, Repair, Management and Solution of Obsolescence. RAIT88 is a reference in the fields of Robotics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and CBRN, which allow it to participate in PNRM, investing in Quantum technologies of the near future such as Quantum LiDAR / Quantum Radar and in Advanced Sensors for helping the Soldier. A company of proven excellence that has been expanding the Research and Development sectors for years, RAIT88 is a leader in the sector of technological innovation.

* Source WHO website