Over 10,000 free magazines for the dissemination of the culture of privacy

22:30, 16/04/2021


As part of its dissemination activities, in March Federprivacy will distribute free of charge more than 10,000 copies of the new issue of “Privacy News”, the quarterly magazine published by the leading Italian association of data protection professionals with thousands of subscribers, including including data protection officers, lawyers, privacy consultants, corporate lawyers, privacy officers, accountants, IT and security managers.

But the distribution of this special issue will not be limited to professionals only, and will also be extended to business managers, freelancers, school staff, and anyone else interested in the issues of the GDPR and privacy, including citizens and consumers.

To receive a free copy of the Privacy News magazine, which in this new edition dedicates the cover to transparency on the web, emphasizing the need for ethics on the part of online platforms to gain user trust and promote the development of the digital market, simply request it from the Federprivacy website by filling in thespecific online form.

The magazines will be sent out next week until the available copies are exhausted.

The magazine “Privacy News” is a magazine generally reserved for members, and as a rule there is no annual subscription or the purchase of single copies, but those who are interested in receiving it regularly can register as members of Federprivacy, with the possibility of accessing the digital version as well browsable online directly from the reserved area of ​​the association’s website.

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