Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as Research Catalysts

17:55, 11/04/2021


In the early 10’s of 2000, the Virtual Reality tools have made their way into the market, showing the weaknesses of a technology that was still immature at the time. However, after years of development these techniques have evolved significantly. Today, thanks to them, it is finally possible to develop solutions that were unthinkable until recently. It is in this context that RAIT88 has internally cultivated, over time, the know-how of interactive 3D software development systems.

Our team – he says Alessio Calabrò, CEO of RAIT88 is made up of over a dozen engineers, creatives and designers all highly motivated and aware that the help of virtual reality will change the world. Using it in the fields of Defense, Medicine and Education will bring incredible benefits to say the least. We think of the Virtual Reality tools that make it possible to accelerate the training of doctors, improve diagnosis and support patient care, including through remote control systems to reduce physicians’ physical interaction with infected patients. Technologies related to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are resources of extreme interest in the military sector. While the first allows you to carry out realistic simulations by reducing the costs of training and exercises without resorting to “real ammunition”, the second can provide a vital tactical advantage on the battlefield.“.

The Roman company, founded in 1988: “adopt a visionary project with a combination of Research, Innovation and Training, developing and identifying new models and strategies to strengthen the link between Institutions, Start-ups and Multinationals. ” These are the words of Alessandro Fidenzi, Chief Global Strategist of RAIT88, which continues: “The primary objective will be to provide customer oriented Ar-Vr solutions, maximizing the virtualization of complex technological systems, favoring their exploration and improving the understanding of operational issues. Solutions that give support and added value, not only for the decision maker but also for maintenance and operational training activities, local and remote technical support for the maintenance of complex systems and assembly of parts in production lines, obviously with a careful look to the saving policies”.

It is not just about improving what already exists but about fueling the innovation of the entire sector. “We don’t want to limit ourselves – intervenes Andrea Ettorre, Head of the Virtual Reality Divisionto exploit virtual and augmented reality technologies on the market. We believe we can make a difference by focusing a large part of our efforts on R&D of proprietary hardware and software technologies that allow new approaches. Computer vision and perception algorithms, specific shaders for Realtime 3D rendering, Intelligent interfaces, AI and Machine Learning to support the system architecture and customization of the Viewers are just some of the tools that will allow us to develop new cutting-edge solutions to outline a new future“.

The multiple applications of these technologies make it a real innovative avant-garde. These can be combined with various fields, such as remote technical assistance, E-learning, planning and previsualization, as well as the simulation of multiple scenarios. The field of application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality guaranteed by RAIT88, ranges from the Military application, to the Health and Aerospace sector.