A model for personal data security in the digital age, practical guide published

11:20, 20/05/2021


Over 50% of the world’s population, two thirds of whom own a mobile device, access the internet every day and around one million people are approaching the internet for the first time. In such a context, the lack of a framework of governance global technology represents a significant risk, which requires a holistic approach to govern the security of data, especially of personal data.

The new book sponsored by Federprivacy “A model for the security of personal data in the digital age”, is a practical guide that allows you to plan the actions necessary to implement a management system for privacy. The model proposed in the text allows the reader to independently assess their own level of learning of the subject through real use-cases.

Written by Flavia Montanile, process management consultant with the contribution of Massimo Montanile, Federprivacy Delegate in the metropolitan area of ​​Rome, this text proposes scenarios and topics that have been dealt with personally in the numerous projects to which the authors have had the opportunity to participate, as DPO or Data Protection experts, as technical or organizational consultants

The new book, published by Tab Edizioni, will be presented on Saturday 6 March 2021 at 5 pm during a live streaming which, together with the authors, will be attended by Prof. Carlo Santoli of the University of Salerno, Domitilla Benigni, CEO of Elettronica spa, Michele Iaselli, professor of computer science at the University of Cassino and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Federprivacy, Marcella Manelfi, editorial manager of Tab edizioni, and Nicola Bernardi, president of Federprivacy. It will also be possible to follow the event in live streaming from the Federprivacy website.

In addition to the website of the publishing house, the new book is already orderable also on the official Federprivacy website, and in April it will be disseminated through a special offer reserved for members of the main Italian association of personal data protection professionals registered with the Ministry of Economic Development pursuant to Law 4/2013.