Hype Me, VIPs record personalized video dedications: how much it costs and how it works

17:45, 09/05/2021


There is a new digital service that distorts the very concept of video on-demand. Is called Hype Me and allows you to request the realization of customized videos for artists, actors and stars of the show for any occasion. Through the app they can be commissioned shopping tips but also book and receive one clip for birthday, engagement or anniversary greetings (but not only) very special, from the hands-free voice of the most popular celebrity.

How does the service work? First it will have to be downloaded the app, then you can schoose the desired famous person and finally complete with the payment (the rates change according to the VIP you choose to hire). In case it is a greeting message, for example, they will have to be provide all information on the content as well as i details of the recipient along with the specification obviously occasion to celebrate. At this point the game is done, all that remains is to wait 2/4 days to receive the material (you can also make a request directly from the official website).

Famous people target fans and followers directly

Fan e follower they are therefore no longer separated by an invisible barrier: thanks to this digital service interact with the stars of the show it’s simpler, more enjoyable and more fun. Communication remains interactive but the perspective changes. The famous character addresses the individual directly. Who has tried Hype Me he was satisfied, to the point where app store ratings are typically over 4 and a half stars.

There are many celebrities who have enthusiastically joined this new project to the point that on Hype Me platform it is already possible to find several famous faces. There is for example that of Simone Barone world champion with Italy in 2006, Gloria Peritore kickboxing champion or journalists Tiziano Crudeli and Filippo Tramontana. But also the former footballer Stefano Bettarini, the actor Nicolas Vaporidis, l’Cat Man and many more.

The trick to making any occasion memorable

Second Hype Me entrepreneur and CEO Mikołaj Czajkowski the decision to launch Hype Me on the Italian market, after the great success achieved abroad, is a fundamental step for bring fans closer to their idols. The famous character, in fact, has never been so close and within reach until now. And we know well how the dream of many is to be able to get in touch with stars of the show, who sometimes seem unattainable.

The Italian entertaining sectorsports and entertainment in particular has been hit hard by the pandemic, with athletes and celebrities now having more time to be close to their fans. On the other hand, it must also be said how people feel a great need to snatch a smile from their loved ones, especially on special occasions that risk becoming mundane or monotonous. Here then is a service like that offered by Hype Me – with prices ranging from 2 to 38 euros according to the level of popularity of the character – allows you to move any situation in a simple and original way.