Research and Development: a driving force for the restart of the Country System

07:25, 18/04/2021


Investing in Research and Innovation, as well as in Technological Development, must be a priority to allow our country to restart. For this, many companies are investing in R&D sectors. Companies of proven excellence such as RAIT88, leaders in the technological innovation sector, have been expanding their Research and Development sectors for years.

To define the structural importance of this sector for a company, is Alessio Calabrò CEO and Owner by RAIT88. “Innovation is a value of primary importance, Research and Development are essential in the corporate culture of Rait88 in order to support the Country System. All R&D activities are conducted within a dedicated area with highly qualified personnel who identify opportunities for innovation. A decisive corporate investment, made in collaboration with the elites of the Academic and Research world in order to preserve the excellence that fortunately our country can boast of.”.

Technical excellence but also creative, able to imagine the challenges of tomorrow. “The will to know, to dare without ever giving up are the fuel of Science and Innovation – states the Dr. Alessandro Fidenzi, Chief Global Strategist of the Roman company. The desire to understand reality means that from Research we have answers to questions, even far from practical applications, in order to reach important discoveries for the human race. The R&D activities of RAIT88 must pursue an advancement or advancement of knowledge in a scientific or technological field and not just the simple advancement or advancement of the knowledge of a single company. Growth and development are based on those factors that allow us to look to the future: Education and Training on the one hand, Research and Development on the other. Contributing to this virtuous flywheel means looking to the future and concretely participating in its construction. I believe that investing in Research activities allows you to obtain Innovation in exchange”.

What are the practical aspects of the current state of technological development? The Prof. Dr. Stefano Bellucci, head of the Research and Innovation sector by RAIT88. “Our R&D activities range from the design and construction of innovative devices that make use of technologically advanced materials, up to autonomous systems based on Robotics and on the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. There are many application fields in which our research is used: Innovative sensors and autonomous systems for space exploration, defense, anti-terrorism, food safety, environmental remediation, health. RAIT88’s proposals for the creation of detection and protection systems against pathogens, such as bacteria, toxins and viruses, with particular attention to Coronaviruses, are very topical.. Among the most significant projects in which we are engaged we mention: Nano-sensor, focused on nanosensors powered by nanoantennas for the autonomous detection of chemical and biological threats; WET3R, aimed at the development of new water sanitation and purification systems; CORRESPOND, for the study and validation of technologies for a prompt response during pandemics; TRUST, aimed at minimizing supervision and remote interventions on satellites and increasing the autonomy level of the robots; HPSW Food, dedicated to high pressure sanitation of water for the removal of food viruses. Our commitment is projected into the next four years, with the proposal of innovative solutions for the Artemis mission, a company in which Italy will participate, which will allow Man to return to the Moon. These Solutions will prove, in a more distant future, to be of great importance also for human missions to Mars. Thanks to the skills of our Researchers, their constant commitment and synergies with Research Bodies (CNR, ISS, INFN) and with Universities (Rome TorVergata, University of Palermo, CNIT), RAIT88 is ready to face the challenges that await our country”.