ECommerce for everyone with eCommercevolution

01:20, 14/05/2021
ECommerce for everyone with eCommercevolution

Big Data Innovation Group is a start-up born from a group of professionals who, comparing and then combining their skills and interests, have created an artificial intelligence software and an APP that, working on customer data, in terms of models purchasing / behavior and decision-making styles, could generate a unique model to approach the customer: putting him at the center of attention.

The primary interest is precisely to make the final customer unique for every type of business, from small shops to large-scale distribution.

“If the goal is to create a loyal clientele, who always come back to your shop, regardless of the offer of the day for everyone, if you intend to enhance each of your customers in a personalized way, the Big Data Innovation Group team can help you. to create an ad hoc program for your needs.

If you want to be able to count on your quality and efficiency, on making a real difference for your customers, we can help you! “

These are the words of Dr. Barbara Assaiante who continues:

“We too are tired of seeing a war on the market extending only to the downside, where the lower price, and not the quality, are the elements that pay… Our greatest interest is aimed at the customer, our customer…. Because a satisfied customer is our next customer.

If all this is also your goal, share and together we design an ad hoc solution for your needs “

Artificial intelligence is very complex and elaborate, it analyzes the behavioral patterns of customers through the purchases and the choices they make.

Each of them, every single customer, not a target, can be tracked and analyzed in order to offer personalized purchase proposals, this is in fact, according to the company, the real way to build loyalty: pay attention to the individual!

The customer will no longer be treated as “one of the many” who will receive offers in terms of discounts aimed at everyone, but with truly personalized offers for each one: for Ms Rossi, Mr. Bianchi, Mrs. Verdi etc. etc.

But this is only a part, since the project starts from a detailed and sophisticated APP that each store can personalize with its product list, information and communications to the customer who is registered with his fidelity card and, if he has not yet the fidelity card, a flag will be enough to have it and register with the consent to the processing of personal data. All simple!

The app will be the virtual showcase of the store with a cart to be able to sell to your customers with YOUR application; in short, an eCommerce for everyone, smart, low cost, and which allows you to sell to your customers and implement loyalty programs

The founder continues, “if you think that all this can be useful to you, if you think in this way you can make a difference for your customers, each of them or if you want further specifications for your needs, we are ready to start this project. that concerns you / us: loyalty vs. occasional customer, customization by customer vs. lower price and war on the market, planning vs. costs for leaflets then thrown away and offers to rain “.